StecilMani IV - a screen printing social This Saturday April 6th 4-8 PM

  • Learn how to screen print with a stencil (the simplest kind)
  • Share a shirt design you made with other people
  • Give a shirt or a tote bag a new life.

I’ll have thick paper and X-Atco knives to cut stencils.

Also, I am going to be out of the country for a while so this is an opportunity to say goodbye plus I am getting rid of stuff so there will be door prizes.

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Looking forward to this!

See you there for an hour or two!

I did just pull the trigger on a pack of this EZ Screen Print stuff, the small size pieces. 12 pieces for $35 shipped. We’ll see if the convenience makes up for all the emulsion you don’t need, and the extra steps.

Intent is to use it for underglaze on ceramics, but it can be used for everything else too.